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After hearing the Advair Diskus recall/lawsuit commercials on television, I am beginning to wonder if the Advair did some kind of underlying damage to me, and I just never knew it because I did not think to suspect it. Any thoughts? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/282416'>Side effect of Advair</a>.
Advair, singulair, benedryl, Fexofenadene and Nasonex, I'm doing ok... Plus Albueterol and Combivent --- PLUS I'm down to the last 3 days of now single Prednisone But if I let it lapse - even an hour on the time of the Benedryl, fexofenadene - then I'm hitting the bathroom for steam - looking for guifensin - chugging the inhalers and coughing non-stop. So - it's just keeping it in check... It will pass soon -- Another 10 days or so...
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