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iv been on Valium forever it stops my paranoia some of my anxiety and insomnia and vertigo too much benzo has paradoxical effect. I just started Adderall 20mds XR First day was bad i figured cause my anxiety.
The yellow tongue can also indicate faulty liver function or gall bladder, yellow is usually the sign of liver conditions, but, then again, it could be an infection. These STD's are very hard to get rid of as they are viruses and you cannot kill a virus. I would highly recommend anyone experience the above symptoms in these posts to see their physician and have a thorough blood work performed along with any other tests they may think is necessary.
It is common knowledge that infection turns the secretions yellow. But a clear yellow discharge may not necessarily mean infection . Long standing cold can lead to thin yellow discharge. You should take regular steam inhalation to reduce the congestion. How are you now ?
have been vomiting the most acidic putrid yellow bile after eating to where my stomach is full but dont vomit when i go with out eating. its erroded my teeth to the point i have to swish with sensodyne toothpaste because my teeth are too sensitive for a toothbrush from the horrible acid. I could eat a whole pizza and im guaranteed to throw up..its not the food though, just the acid /bile. sometimes when i try to avoid the forced throwing up to get the acid out for too long.
I recently started taking adderall 20 mg xr and its helped me a lot I used to be a c student now I am an A+ honor roll student , but that's not the problem , I seem to be having a ton of exta mucus in my nose/throat and in my stool and its hard for me to have a boul movement , sometimes there's blood in my mucus from my throat , I also smoke what could be causeing this my adderall? I'm 17and I eat healthy as I can when I.
I have tried almost all the stimulants and all the non, the only one that seems to work is Adderall. I am not comfortable w/ the fact that it is a salt away from methamphetamine which makes me feel as though I am feeding my child a street drug. I am curious to natural meds.
He also had a cataract removed with the removal of the oil on the 18 of JUly. He now 2 wks. postop is experiencing the color of yellow throughout the entire field of vision with the oil. Which has some how moved from the bottom of vision upwards thru the center of vision. He had the yellow the first day after surgery then it went away, now 2 wks after it has returned only more so than before. My question is why this is happening and how long will it remain?
With some people, there are no symptoms. With others, they can have fatigue, jaundice (yellow skin & eyes), swollen liver, ect. Other people could elaborate. The only way to know if you or someone else has it is a blood test. If you think you may have been exposed, defininitely get tested if you can. Eww, I sound like an after school special. Personally, I had no symptoms from the disease.
very productive though and when it went to dark yellow color, I was quick to get in with my doc....I was started on Levaquin 750mg on Monday, so I've now had a full three days worth, and am not seeing an improvement. My peak flows (I have asthma) which would normally be in the upper 300s with a personal best of 480, have been struggling to get to 250 though I'm doing regular nebulizer treatments with albuterol. My chest and abdominal muscles are quite sore from the coughing.
Well back on October 11th, my doctor changed my medication from Ritalin to Adderall, as I wasn't getting the desired effects from the Ritalin. Within 2 weeks of this switch, my weight dropped 7lbs...and has continued to drop at a rate of 2-3 lbs/week on average(from 179lbs in the beginning of October to 154lbs today, 12/22). I've also watched my appetite get smaller and smaller.
00am next day) I drink a lot of coffee? I also take Adderall sometimes to concentrate The nurse who took my blood did have a hard time finding the vein… Although I realize that these fluctuations are mild, it concerns me that they are all within the same category and somewhat related. I could only find information online about excessive fluctuations in these levels and not just a combination of these mild fluctuations.
The cold sore, however, is very mild in its nature as it isn't oozing with puss, isn't shedding or have yellow crust.
Would appreciate any personal comments you have about your use of Adderall. Is the Adderall prescribed for pain? And how have you been feeling Anjel? I do think about you alot, dealing with all the discomfort that you suffer from. I sincerely hope that you can find a way to get your pain under control. Living in chronic pain, is the pits, isn't it?
I know how it is to have them all the time like clockwork and to not have any at all. I have been taking adderall for about 2 years straight. I take the adderall mostly during the day and at night when its time to wind down I take my prescribed vicodins 10/225. See Iam a 22 year old female and feel like this is really putting a wear and tear on my body and its so hard because i dont want anyone around me to know so i hide it as best as i can.
I don't know why I chose to share this with you guys. My Adderall is wearing pretty thin at this point... (Note to self: Ask doc about extended release Adderall) If he needs to know why I need them in the evening, I shall refer him to here!
If you don't have insurance, maybe a freind in your area with insurance could look it up for you, or the yellow pages could help.
No fever. Lesions don't form yellow crusts or pus, but are red and irritated. They're not in the webs of my fingers or toes, under my breasts or armpits. After a hot shower the itching is worse and the lesions burn. What I've tried: 3 Txs Permethrin 5% cream 1 week apart. Washed all clothes in hot water. Boyfriend did tx too. Also, boyfriend is without any S/S since day of onset.
There is nothing in my diet or medications I take that would form these capsule-type, stool. My meds are atenelol, enalopril, metformin and adderall. I don't take vitamins. This may sound strange to you, but I get a sense of my body flushing this out, getting rid of something it doesn't want, because I seem to feel better (gut wise) when I excrete this stool. I have gas often, gurgling stomach, loose stool with lower back pain more and more frequent.
I think the blunt of it started after having a real bad experience with Adderall. I took much more than I should have in a 24 hour period and starting having heart palpitations and random muscle twitching, etc. I went to the ER after a couple hours of what felt like an eternity and they told me I was having a drug induced panic attack.
My 10 year old recently (a few months now) has been diagnosed and put on Adderall and I too am frustrated with his mood swings, sensitivity, crying all the time and not going o sleep. I was thinking of asking hte doctor if their is a better option myself.
ADHD and take medication for both (Asmanex at night and pirbuterol inhaler for day for Asthma and Adderall 20 mg XR in AM, 20 mg IR in PM for the ADHD). For the past year or so, I have had trouble exercising. Initially I get pale and lightheaded after cardio exercise. For the past 6 months, I have additionally had a lot of trouble with my ballet classes.
(My pediatrician told me the baby was manipulating me.) He would only eat yellow food. Up until he was 20 months, he vomited in his sleep, regardless of sleep position... that is, WHEN he would sleep. At 6 weeks, he was sleeping only 18 hours a day. By a year, he was sleeping 8 hours a night. He never napped. EVER. He would not sleep during daylight hours, even when put in a darkened room. When he was 8 weeks old, we drove 5 hours to my mother's house and he did not close his eyes ONCE.
Every three months I get very painful and violent episodes of vomiting sulfur and last week for the first time ever it was also bright yellow bile. My stomach is in extreme pain when I'm about to start getting sick. I'm just so sick and tired. I've been sober for months and I talked with my PCP and he suggested that I detox off asap from methadone. I brought up that maybe my gastroparesis is from the methadone.
Well back on October 11th, my doctor changed my medication from Ritalin to Adderall, as I wasn't getting the desired effects from the Ritalin. Within 2 weeks of this switch, my weight dropped 7lbs...and has continued to drop at a rate of 2-3 lbs/week on average(from 179lbs in the beginning of October to 154lbs today, 12/22). I've also watched my appetite get smaller and smaller.
Yesterday i didnt have any money to buy pills. Ive been had 4 20mg adderall for weeks that ive been holding onto. I took my last tramadal about 3 days ago. I woke up feeling jittery, sweating jus miserable. So i had to go run a bunch of errands so i took 40 mg of adderall. Bad thing to do. I got everything done of course. But later on i came across 6 10mg oxycodone that i got on loan. I wanted that high so i took 2 of them. Which i never exceed 20mg in 1 dose. Bad thing to do.
Break up and I get pityriasis rosea, hocking up yellow mucus with a sore throat deisgnated as a sinus infection, my highest temp was 99.7. I also developed a small ulcer in the back of my mouth and rawness in my lips (probably from checking my mouth and tongue licking so much, not sure). My ex has been tested (full panel) and everything came back negative.
Today finally after using it and blowing quite hard upon completing irrigation on both sides (causing ear popping pains) a large glob of mucous larger than the size of a quarter came out with a pudding consistency and it was a highlighter yellow color. I had to blow repeatedly and HARD after the Nasal Irrigation for this to come out and boy what a relief it was! But within an hour, back to the sniffing.
I was freaking out about how I didn't have enough time to prepare and study, and this stress lead to me being unable to sit down at my desk to actuctually study. So my mom gave me one of my brother's pills (probably 10mg Adderall). I WAS HOOKED. The material I was reading suddenly became interesting, not tedious. No longer did I catch my self at the end of a page having no idea what I just read. It was great. When I went to college my mom began sending the pills to me.
The other thing is to start playing gems that increase compliancy. One of our favorites was the coloring game. It could be Lego, or whatever, but coloring was the least messy. You start by making two rules - they must sit at the table and not throw any toys off of it. If they leave the table then you turn around in your chair and shumn them (15 minute for the whole exercise). They start by coloring - you do not comment on the picture or ask any questions - just compliment them.