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I then have it return and a new dermatoigist thought it was hives. they did a biopsy and it came back as hives,she said I might have the two things going on. I stayed on valtrex the first time for six months,with no help. the second round two different allergy pills,that did calm it down.I had abreif period that I thought it stooped. I have know the ones that look like erythma multiforme.
I was also taking Acyclovir because the doctors thought I had Shingles, bu we know now that it was Hashi's hives. It hasn't happened again. Sometimes my eyes are dry and my vision is blurry. Talk to your pharmacist. Make sure your prescriptions aren't interacting. I know you are on a budget, but if your pupils don't return to normal, you should see a doctor. Take care...
I was first on acyclovir, but it caused me to break out in hives! My Dr thought it was odd because they had never seen anyone allergic to it. That's when they prescribed me famvir.
my lips just became really swollen and I also broke out in hives during this if I put the bells palsy, itchyness of my body, swollen lips, constant redness of my eyes and hives within the past 2yrs would this be a concern of MS??? I heard that the herpes virus is the cause of bells palsy but can herpes cause all of this?? I do get cold sores and I dont have genitals herpes.
Hives is a symptom of shingles
i was diagnosed with sarcoidosis over 20 years ago and a few times in these years i have broken out in very itchy bumps as big as hives but they were not hives. the bumps were very hard were raised about 1/8 to 1/4 of an itch above my skin level. i noticed that i would get a very nervous, energetic feeling before an outbreak. i would feel like i was losing my mind and my reactions to others was very uncharacteristic and nasty. it was very strange.
r about two days later they prescribe me some type of penicillin that start with a c. Broke me out in hives. Went to a a different hospital the doctor did a wound culture and a viral culture. My doctor called me four days later and said I was negative for herpes. About three weeks later I'm feeling a little better I went to my dermatologist and he said it could be either shingles, herpes, pemphigus, or just a thing.
r about two days later they prescribe me some type of penicillin that start with a c. Broke me out in hives. Went to a a different hospital the doctor did a wound culture and a viral culture. My doctor called me four days later and said I was negative for herpes. About three weeks later I'm feeling a little better I went to my dermatologist and he said it could be either shingles, herpes, pemphigus, or just a thing.
Way before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, the doctor told me I had Shingles on my scalp. She never took a sample, so I really don't know if I had Shingles. The Acyclovir never worked, and I got this outbreak every month. Many people on this site complain of rashes, hives, Shingles, etc... The dermo gave me Nizoral, and it works great. I don't have the burning, itching rash anymore. I still lose hair in the shower. I do get rashes on other spots of my body.
the ibuprofen helps with the inflammatory response from herpes. take 600mg at a time.
Is it bumpy and splotchy like hives or are the blisters small and clear, itchy until you touch them and then they burn like acid? If the second is the case, have your doctor check them out, you might have herpes simplex. Don't freak out - it isn't an STD. It took awhile for my doctor to identify it. I keep a full bottle of Acyclovir and pop some when the blisters start to appear. Usually within a day or two (if I caught it right away) the blisters go away.
A prior liver biopsy was pain free, I got morphine but broke out in hives. For the 2nd biopsy they gave me fentanyl. 1st dose didn't work so they gave me an another. I started to sweat profusely & was now breathing fast and they stuck the needle in me for the biopsy & I would have flown off the table but I was strapped down. I was covered in bruises from flailing in pain. The doctor said they had to remove pieces of my liver still.
Back on doxycycline for respiratory infection – productive cough. 12/28/07 – Hives as allergic reaction to acyclovir – prednisone 5 days 1/9/07 – lumbar epidural and nerve root block. Please note: - I was absent more often than present at work starting 10/22/07.
I have had a recurrent scalp rash every month and Acyclovir never worked. Now I use a special shampoo and the rash has gone. Now I get a rash on the left side of my waist up to my armpit. I am wondering if I've ever had shingles or maybe just a cause of the thyroid hormones out of wack. I should have my Hashi's results this Monday. Right now, my TSH is a little high, and I have several Hashi symptoms, but that's all we know so far.
what side effects are you concerned of? there are no long term side effects to the herpes antivirals. the 3 main side effects are headache, abdominal pain and nausea. The number of ob's you've had is irrelevant as far as the amount of viral shedding that's been going on. you still shed the virus periodically even if you aren't noticing obvious recurrences. could your adjustments have triggered an ob? more likely that you were just "due" for one anyways.
said it's not Bartholin's cyst or Herpes and sent me to a gynecologist the same day. The gyno Dr. diagnosed it as Herpes as well and prescribed 1-Gen-Acyclovir 200 mg 5x/day for 5 days and 1-Novo-Cloxin 250 mg 4x/day for 7.5 days. I have finished the Gen-Acyclovir for Herpes Zoster and have finished over half the Novo-Cloxin. The hard, red bumps under my skin are still there. The swelling in the left labia is still incredibly large throughout and painful at times.
rashes, hives, itching feet, hands, and now a pinkish rash on head of penis coming and going. Went to emergency room. given zithromax and rocephin Now that i'm off the bactrim, the burning in the urethra has started again. Went to urologist, thought it might be a male yeast infection. so now on diflucan for 2 days. Felt great after first dose, but that evening became irritated inside and out with pinkish rash look. I'm at a loss.
The initial apparent major outbreak was early last July with my only direct correlation being that I started a new regimen of acyclovir for HSV-2(a few, off and on have showed up on my buttocks for the past 20 years, but asked for it from my gyn when they didn't seem to go away this time),in conjunction with something self-prescribed for my probable fibromyalgia of 800 mg of quaifenesin a day. Afer a week I stopped both as I believed I was getting a skin reaction from the new medication/s.
So - I have not been diagnosed for herpes even 70 % but though I was given acyclovir , just for security. Let's see what the doc says, I will be having the information too "what the hell is going on". By the way, I had also few oral exposures, which might indicate to HSV-1 possibility, so that's always then better than HSV-2. Take care and have strength!
How could I break out with shingles or hives after a course of anti-viral acyclovir??. I see all the doctors this Thursday again and dread being treated like a nut case. My son photographed and took close-up video of the rash/ shingles/hives ? The rash has eased along with the pain but my skin is very painful to touch. I spoke with a PH.
I have been having serious troubles lately. On my hands I have been developing little red hives with a raised white base and a red dot that are very itchy. I scratch them and a red dot appears in the Center, breaks open and bleeds. Another HUGE concern of mine is that I have suddenly undergone a sever sudden hair loss. I have developed a bit of bald spot and hair is coming out in the shower in clumps. And falls out regularly throughout the day.
Finally I have taken a therapeutic dosage of Acyclovir for two weeks to see if that would relieve my symptoms in case I had herpes (genital HSV-1). It has not. I still itch like the dickens down there and have a red, moist rash most days (more often than would be the case with herpes, so they tell me). The itching is constant and the only thing that helps it is Lanacane. I would like to see a dermatologist and get a conclusive diagnosis and treatment regime.
I saw a doctor in Thailand and was prescribed acyclovir (did not help). At around the same time my shingles began to erupt, I had an unprotected insertive vaginal exposure to a female sex worker. I only intended to hang out with her and her friends and grab dinner, unfortunately I had let myself get too inebriated. One thing led to another and I came to my senses shortly after I had penetrated her (roughly a minute, maybe less) and pulled out.
3 pills for 3days, 2 pills for 3days, 1 pill for 3days), and Acyclovir 800mg (1 tab, 5 times per day, for 7 days). I am having a couple of skin reactions above and beyond the shingles "pox." First, I am developing little pin point spots of blood showing up all over my body (not in the Pox areas). They are tiny, pore sized, blood blisters(?) the size of a pin *****. They are smooth, plump, not itchy, bright red when they appear, fading to dark red over days.
EBV is a type of herpes virus family too but this particular type causes a lot of problems. You might be able to get typed for it. The only treatment for reactivation is Acyclovir. Also just trying to stay low stressed and eating well and keeping your immune system up. I think the virus you had probably wasn't totally gone and you just got lowered immunity and it came back.
He also said that it might be hives on my lips. 1. My question is does herpes cause hives? 2. Also, do hives occur on the upper lip line border? They are red and do not look like any of the pics on net. They do itch before they come and once I itch they become red and by the next day they subside and some ooze some white liquid by some don't. 3. Also is an immunoblot test from labcorp more accurate than Elisa offered by Quest. Please let me know. Thanks!
I usually only have to take 60mg a week and it is cleared up (the hives). I have been to drs about the hives and have gotten no answers. When it comes to hives and hsv...I can say I would much rather take the hsv. The hives are not fun at all and I love like an evolving mutant when they are not treated with steroids. I know that steroids can cause your immune system to be low, so I imagine that is why I had this break out.
My OBs had become especially persistent in the last 2yrs - often back-to-back, and for many years previously I would usually have an OB once a month, mostly premenstrual. I had tried acyclovir and found that it gave me bad headaches and I read that prolonged use is not good for kidneys -I wanted something more "herbal".
I took 2 aleve on thursday morning (had been taking them all week), which had been helping with the pain, but had an allergic reaction (closed throat feeling), along with (what i thought was ) hives. Doc said i had shingles, gave me acyclovir, prednosine, and some vicodin. He told me to follow up this week with my reg doctor. I did that today, and my doc told me prednosine may not be effective, especially if i got a weird, "wired" feeling from it.
Okay, here's my story and a cure for the itching at least! I had a C-Section and had a solid hive from my mid-thigh to my mid-stomach. The hives were due to the betadine (iodine) used to clean the area for my C-Section. I also had a rash on my upper arms and stomach starting about the 8th month of pregnancy. And, about 3 days after birth, I started itching on my legs, arms, stomach, sides, and back that would turn into a rash/hives after I would scratch it.