Acyclovir for plantar warts

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I've searched all over for an answer to this question, and all I've come across are topical treatments for genital warts. I haven't developed obvious warts, but I do show many small red lesions on the meatus, glans penis, shaft, and at the base along the pelvis. Generally, of the two home treatment options, Podofilox and Aldara, which is more effective for dealing with small lesions?
Firstly, HPV-1 is a benign nongenital version of the Human Papilloma virus that causes skin warts such as plantar and common warts. You seem to be talking about a genital problem, in which case, the HPV diagnosis does not show up on a lab report with a value, merely positive or negative. The lab report will usually divide two categories of high risk and low risk serotypes (versions of the virus).
I'm about to start treatment with prescription cream for the warts (which itch horribly) and I'm getting back on the Nuvoring. Hopefully the hormones will help too.
I found a person on the MSN body odor support forum who had a bad odor for a long time and then the odor went away after being treated for H. Pylori, but then the coughing and sneezing started after that. Interesting. Another person on the MSN board said he was also treated for H. Pylori and then the coughing/sneezing started! Question: Do any of you burp a lot? Here is a thread that should be read: Read the replies to that link also.