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I also wanted to add that I don't see any pus sack on my gums or cheek but there is some white stuff that looks like it could be an abscess inbetween my tooth and gums. The dentist hasn't seen me since my cheek swelled up and won't beable to until the 10th. thanks, again.
I didn't have a dime to my name when i was 16 and i had my first abscess...i went to a low income facility and showed them i didn't have anything but i needed my tooth gone. They said it would cost me $50 and i sat in front of a gas station and bummed money until i had enough and went back and got it pulled. Also, if it hurts, take an aspirin and break it in pieces...put a small piece in your tooth. It kills the root but at this point, who cares. It will take away A LOT of the pain.
A person who is really determined to beat the dentist may have to just relax and nurse that tooth, drinking the tea, eating just cabbage and raw onions. You can find recommendations for using oregano oil for toothache elsewhere on the net. Onions The ancient Egyptians wrote that onions cure 8000 diseases. They are an amazing cleanser for the body, having pungent vitamin C in them. Blend half a small onion with a stick of celery in a cup of water. Drink slowly knowing it good for you.
So Thursday Dec 24 I woke up with a horrible tooth ache and as the day went on it only got worse. When I woke up Friday I was still in pain so i called the dentist and he put me on the antibiotic azithromycin because i cant have amoxocillan because i am allergic to pinacillan. well i started my first dose of it that afternoon and was still having alot of pain abnd by the end of the night my face started to swell.
Mint tea, green tea, and clove oil are all recommended. Place a few drops of clove oil directly onto the painful tooth for the best results, or press a whole clove against the tooth after moistening with saliva. Do not apply clove oil directly to the gums, as it may cause slight irritation or burning.
My husband had a lower back tooth removed 24 hours ago and is currently on Tylenol, and Lortab. 12 hours after the surgery, he began experiencing SEVERE pain in the back of his head. This pain has not subsided, he describes it as "stabbing, sharp pains" and the Dentist has not returned any of our calls. What could be causing this?
HI, Repeated episodes raise the possibility of chronic infection and possibly a tooth abscess. You should consult a dentist for an evaluation. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents will help tide over the problem. Application of ice packs will also help. It is best to defer tooth extraction till after the delivery of the baby. Hope this helps. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations.
DEC.31st; I find an abcessed tooth in front of a tooth that was crowned a few months ago. My abscess is bulged inside my jaw and I cannot chew on this side. I took 2-Aleve, brushed, flossed and gargled well with warm salt water after meals. JAN.1st; I visited Doctor's Care and they prescribed KEFLEX 500mg 1/12hrs and ULTRAM 50mg 1-2/4-6hrs. My jaw is sore on top and bottom on the right side, since the bulge has expanded along the jawline. JAN.
A person who is really determined to beat the dentist may have to just relax and nurse that tooth, drinking the tea, eating just cabbage and raw onions. You can find recommendations for using oregano oil for toothache elsewhere on the net. The ancient Egyptians wrote that onions cure 8000 diseases. They are an amazing cleanser for the body, having pungent vitamin C in them. Blend half a small onion with a stick of celery in a cup of water. Drink slowly.
no root canal. I had root canal in tooth #20 and had no pain or infection priar to all this work for crown prep on both teeth. It has been 2 weeks and pain is subsiding. Dentist told me to floss and do salt water rinses. tooth # 19 has an old crown since 1986 on it and when I floss between theese three teeth it hurts and bleeds and bad odor. I think they should maybe redo crown on #19 as well.. The ear pain comes and goes. gums are slowly calming down.
Hello, Leaving an infected tooth with an abscess untreated can cause lightheadedness. This can occur when the infection spreads into the nerves of the ears which in turn can cause you to become dizzy. Information comes to part of brain from the vestibular system located in the inner ears which help keep the body upright and allow it to move in a coordinated fashion. Vertigo is caused due to dysfunction of the vestibular system. Ear causes are the commonest causes of vertigo.
I have had many abscess teeth/tooth over the past 3 months one after anther i have found 2 antibiotics work quiet well.and a otc quick remedy as a well. Cipro,and penicillin are 2 good antibiotics that work very well.Also buy some sensodyne tooth paste this works quickly for pain(but sensodyne is a temp fix.
Other possibilities include heart disease, hepatomegaly or lung disease, a lesion in his nose, a nasal foreign body, tooth root abscess or allergies, and other, more unusual possibilities. The problems could be unrelated. Therefore, he really needs to have appropriate blood work and X-Rays and another exam. I hope you that your dog is on a grain free, high protein diet for his diabetes and to help him lose weight. Essiac tea plus (available on line) is helpful for diabetes also.
dont drink tea or soda. could be an abscess tooth.
the situation continued and I had to take my mom to the oral surgeon for a tooth extraction and abscess removal. While I made notes on scratch paper as to what I ate, I didn't get to input the final Sunday entry or Monday entries until now (early Tuesday morning). What I have just noticed is the "reason" I am NOT losing weight. My calorie intake is at a level, without much exercise, that it stays constant and may even slowly rise.
Last night I went to the ER for a dressing change that involves unpacking and repacking 2 newly drained abscess areas. As I arrived, the pain became sharp and shooting and I was not able to sit; no position was comfortable. We went through the normal check-in process with standard questions, BP check and an ID band and was taken back to an exam room. Once into a hospital gown and a sheet, I laid down on the table with my head elevated and my knees bent.
If you have an abscess, you'll feel a lump in your cheek near there, or if a neighboring tooth hurts when you push on it, the dentist will have to check THAT tooth out for a cavity. At least you were given penicillin for the ear, it should also take out the bacteria where your wisdoms were, takes a couple weeks for the medicine to work. Also, sometimes when a dentist gives a numbing shot, it'll hit on a nerve and make it feel bad for quite a while, but then it goes away.
You know I have had a blister above a tooth that wouldn't go away. It was an abscess tooth I didn't no I had. It didn't even hurt. Its just a thought. One blister that doesn't go away is weird.
Not a question but a kind of follow up on my tooth problem. I saw my dentist again on Monday, where we again discussed the 'pimple thingy' on my gum. He said he would do a root canal to see if this tooth was actually infected. He had done a CO2 test on it the week before and it had been dead. He started the root canal and MAN! (now I hope you aren't eating your dinner) the amount of pus that came out of my head was incredible...try 10 minutes of it!
I have a 14 year old dog. Last week we found out he had a tooth abscess. We put him under antibiotic. After a few days the infection ( little mass under his eye) disappeared. He seemed to be doing a whole lot better (he stopped crying at night and was more reactive) I was also planing to find a vet to take off his tooth.
May I suggest that your oral surgeon stitch up the empty socket where the tooth was extacted to minimize bleeding..I remember having no bleeding at all from 3 wisdom tooth extactions because the sockets were all stitched up.
I did have to have one tooth pulled last year, but only because the gum became loose around that tooth. It is better to get root-canals and then crowns, for sure. What stage are you at, in terms of liver damage?
Next you could see if any of the draining areas have any evidence of infection, like tonsils, the skin, tooth abscess or an ear infection. Infections like tuberculosis can cause lymphadenopathy. It would be worthwhile to see if other lymph groups are enlarged namely, axilla and groin, these can be palpated, the others like those in the chest or abdomen may need a CT to detect their enlargement. Also correlate with blood counts, this could lead to further analysis.
Could this mean something else? Could it develop into something else, like an abscess or something? What if an abscess forms?
I go to the dentist alot to get it checked out he prob thinks I'm crazy. I had a very bad tooth abscess once that took over 4 months and many procedures to cure. I don't like taking medication either. My doctor recommended Lexapro but in the past i've taken meds that either didn't help or I had side effects from them.
Hi all! A few days 'down'. It was an abscess tooth (back) and $241.00 later....out of pain, temp. filling and can't save the tooth And only $3600.00 for the bridge (same procedure as/but cheaper than yours I guess, Pigeonca!) I had been to the dentist @3-4 mths. before tx and nothing was wrong, cleaning, scaling, etc. and to go over bridge or implant for a tooth that I had a root canal in yrs. before. Luckily not in the ‘front row’ and have a few weeks to pull with the temp filling.
i just cant believe that it hasn't gone yet,it is now on 5 days. i am just going to listen to you and continue with the tooth paste! thank you,i will let you know!
just try it- a slice of raw garlic wrapped in a bit of gauze placed between the lip and gum over a tooth abscess, within 45 minutes the pain will be gone, with repeated application so will the infection. Your dentist will NEVER tell you about that one. If you want your eyes opened, visit www.naturalnews.com . If you use Facebook you can "like" their page and you will get regular updates to your home page. Also www.earthclinic.com, just amazing what natural substances can do!
I get them from for various reasons, what i eat does make a difference but then i'm a bit chemical/additive sensitive, even things like a new tooth paste can cause me to get ulcers. I was thinking you could be describing a immune response to viral infections, because you say you usually get swollen glands and sore throat, though it seems doubtfull if its been going on for months on end.
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