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they key with meds is to make sure your sleep is good and regular, and benadryl and exercise have proven as effective as any med for sleep and mood regulation... if you are on meds, even topomax, with no side effects and regular appetite and sleep, then it may be ok. but it is not for everyone...this doesnt happen to every biochemistry, but it is key to make sure your m.d. is not overprescribing..
i was off it a total of 6 days not sleeping, head foggy, irritable, and shaky. I called him and he said it would take 7 to 10 days to get out of my system. On the 6th night I had a major anxiety attack. So now I am back on the Klonopin 1/2mg every night before bed, I sleep now my head is foggy my jaws hurt and I still feel shaky inside and nervous. I want to go off this and will try again. I wish I new more about this before I went on it. i was told it was a safe drug to take.
' Tried Abilify in conjunction with celexa to try and curb the impulsivity but even half a tab of Abilify gives me insomnia. Anyone else have any luck with treating disinhibition and impulsivity? God bless all my fellow MSers and their own loved ones!
Panic Attack control - Alprazolam Clonazepam Diazepam - Most effective of the four listed Lorazepam Sleeping Pills - Lunesta - Worked well but diminished quickly Ambien - Sleep walking Trazadone - Akathisia, also affected anxiety Benadryl - Very effective (when I actually take them) Pain Killers (Analgesic, "self medicating") - Hydrocodone Oxycodone Anti-depressants - Lexapro - Currently taking Wellbutrin XL - Currently taking Nortriptyline Celexa Prozac Paxil - Complete nightm
Yet through the storm inside me i have to be a husband, father, manager, do presentations, smile and be professional. Yes, I'm on all my meds...started a new one last week - abilify and am weaning down the lamictal - not sure if this is a result or not. What do you do when you get here (as so many of us too often do)? If anyone who has a soundproof room i can borrow for about an hour...that would be great.
The other commonly used options are Benadryl, Symmetryl and beta blockers such as Inderal and Atenolol. Those are the ones I am familiar with and have tried but all this should be discussed with a doctor as they are all effective in different ways and have different side effect profiles.
I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and have tried a number of medications at different times, usually a combination of 2 or 3 of the following: lithium, prozac, lexapro, seroquel, abilify, risperdal, klonopin, vistaril, zyprexa, ambien, rozerem, & depakote. Zyprexa, Benadryl, Depakote, and Seroquel have caused me to twitch and feel like my skin is crawling an hour (or a few) after I take them.
His new psychiatrist took him off the xanax and put him on valium and abilify on May 20th. He felt good emotionally for the first few days or so (renewed energy and spirit) but started having terrible side effects that crept up grdually over the next few das. He had a swollen tounge, lips, trouble breathing and talking, hard time swallowing saliva, loss of appetite, unstable walking. The doctor told him to stop the abilify thinking that that was the culprit.
There are still some options such as other anti-cholinergics (Artane, Akineton, Kemadrin) Benadryl if approved by a psychiatrist, Symmetryl and some beta blockers such as Inderal and Atenolol. You could ask your psychiatrist what would be the appropriate next step. Also keep track of when the motions speficically occur and if some motions respond to the side effect pill more than the others.
So you may think of it like benadryl on steroids. It is used for alcohol wds in many psych wards, has a strong anxiolytic effect and is reputed to be similar to seroquel in its effects. Anywhere from 50-100mgs will do the trick. Vistaril, is a good PRN(as needed) medication for insomnia. Long term use can lead to depression and weight gain in some cases. 7.Clonidine-one of the detoxing junkies best friends. Clon is a blood pressure med that also effects levels of Noradrenaline.
Same situation as Abilify. Too expensive and I am tired of being gutted by the APs. I guess I am just venting, but I don't know what to do. We have the same friggin discssion about these meds every time I see her. I am starting to feel like a difficult patient, but I feel like I have to put my foot down..The biggest reason why I was laid up (and lost one of my jobs) was because everything we tried messed me up.
I have just been recently diagnosed with adult onset ADHD,I was prescribed 5mb abilify and 50mg Vyvanse. I was so glad to read your article on vyvanse because I was sooo scared to take it til today when I started. I needed the meds but didnt want my appetite suppressed like my son gets when he is taking focalin. What do you think about an 11yr old taking it? Also would it help with my son's suppressed appetite he has with focalin? Please help!
I think I've been manic for 2 months and all I'm on is a starter does of Lamicatal and 4 days on Abilify. Does anyone have a suggestion I can bring up with my doc? He says once my mood levels out-I'll sleep but how long is too long. When I wreck my car and hurt someone. I've heard or seroquel for sleep as well as something that starts with a T. Any suggestions would be great.
Benzodiazepenes such as Klonopin are also good but they have a potential for a person to build up a tolerance long term although I've been on Klonopin for 10 years now without a problem, although the dosage had to be raised twice. Benadryl of course is effective and chewable Benadryl is good to bring along if a person needs a maintenance dose of medications for extra pyramidal side effects and runs out of them or doesn't have water to swallow the pills.
Doctor said there is nothing to worry about unless the rash starts to look like posion ivy out break but it driving me crazy! I'm going to grind up some oatmeal and take a nice bath. I also took some Zyrtec because it has antihistamine. I'll see how that works.... I can't do much right now...
I took a whole bottle of Cymbalta (anti-depressant), Adderall (a bunch - which made no sense and probably saved me...kept me from going to far into the sleep), about 30 benadryl, and then did a phenagran dosage to make sure I didn't throw up anything. I woke up 24 hours later. Not feeling so hot - to say the least. Never went to the hospital or anything. I've only told 3 people in my life since then (besides this place).
So glad you are choosing to join us. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol. Lots of love, information and empathy here!
He is much better now and has stabilized on 50mg Zoloft, benadryl and 100mg Sequel at bedtime (this has been a period of almost 3 weeks). He is in a group therapy on the base (3 times a week) and has has 2 one on one appts. also. When I talk to him he seems himself almost completely now ...just sleepy and tired before noon. This is such a stressful time for us but looks like when he gets his release from the Navy he will be able to function just fine.
It makes me very angry that these Doctors know and aren't telling people. I don't believe that they are ignorant. I've been over and over it again and again. It makes no sense that I would know more as a user of the drug than they would. There's so little on Tramadol or Ultram on the web. Tons on other drugs. Ok so the most alarming part of the Tramadol we would think would be the fact that it is a synthetic opiate. It's a Narcotic. It's just been slipped thru the schedule.
benzos are a much more addictive choice than ambien...some abuse ambien...some abuse benadryl and lunesta as well...it depends on your personality...if u abuse everything u take...nothing but natural choices like melatonin would be a good for u..I dont abuse ambien and have taken it off and on for 10 years...i do know someone who does abuse ambien..she abuses alcohol, lyrica, xanax, everything she touches...
I take Trazadone, Zoloft, Abilify, and Klonopin (all in small doses). I'm also an addict. So...I DO abuse the Klonopin. And, as an addict, I'm curious what larger doses of Trazodone will do to me. It's simply my nature. I could certainly benefit from counseling or a 12-step program. BUT, I'll let you know what one abuser of medications thinks of Trazodone once I know- just began the medication. Your significant other is lucky to have you! Hopefully, he appreciates your patience.
I am sick of breathing and thinking and being. No one could ever love me no one I am **** and just want to die no one cares..............I feel empty inside I need help but don't have money to get it I want to die so bad. I am stuck in a pit with no hope and no one cares I just want to die. Please help I need help. But there is no hope.
When they happened, I thought they were allergic reactions since I've had a few serious reactions with some of the same symptoms, so I took a hot shower to help the shaking and took a benadryl. The next time I saw the dr., I told her about them and she said I had classic symptoms of a panic attack. She said that they normally go away in about a half hour and the benadryl probably helped calm me down since most allergy medications have a sedative quality to them.
I take Benadryl as soon as I feel it starting, and the Benadryl seems to work. It's random, and has happened at home, work, and even in Hawaii where I don't think there was any stress. But if you don't worry too much about it, it goes away. It's like you are burning up from the inside out. Weird, but it does not seem dangerous. I don't worry much about it anymore, now that the Benadryl solves the problem.
I've looked at other sites and have seen recommedations for taking Benadryl and Omega 3 fish oil to ease withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone tried these? I also looked at The Road Back web site. They have a whole on-line book about getting off antidepressants. But their main recommendations have to do with taking big doses of "nutritionals" that you should only buy from the vendors they recommend.
I have been prescribed both Zoloft and Prozac with Klonopin for the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but I still seem to pick at me head. The kicker is that I also do this in my sleep. I will literally wake up with blood under my nails. What treatment options are there other than medication? Should I tell my primary care physician or should I talk to a psychiatrist? What are some of the causes of this, could it be OCD?
Last May, after a weekend of beer pong and partying, I woke up on the following Monday and instantly felt dizzy and out of breath, like I was going to pass out or fall over. I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe I had hit my head during the previous weekend's festivities. A couple days later I still had a dizzy feeling so I had my ladyfriend drive me to the ER for fear of having post-concussion syndrome or something. They gave me something for my nerves (Loreazapam maybe?
So, what dose did everyone here have their success? And what type of diet/eating plan and exercise plan did you do to help it along? I'm desperate to lose 40 lbs (half of which I gained on Zoloft-no longer taking). PLEASE respond if you had any weightloss on this drug, I'm very curious. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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